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Calamansi Juice With Sour Plums.

Create: 03/01/2017 - 19:01
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Calamansi Juice With Sour Plums.

Something refreshing on a hot day...

The refreshing drink or local Chinese cocktail at Chinese coffee shops is known as Kat Chye Shin Mui. It is yellow lime or Calamondin with preserved sour and salty plums. I found it a bit too salty and ordered another without the sugar and salt coated dried plums. There was only one solitary dried plum in the drink, anyway.

The preserved plums are usually imported from China are like a magic elixir for people who feel car sickness or suffer from motion sickness. I remember going up Cameron Highlands when I was a kid and every passenger in the bus was clinging to a packet of sour plums or were chewing it to combat the ill effects of the dizzying, winding roads.

I dont suffer from motion sickness normally, so I want to know if the effectiveness of the home remedy is true. Anyone?

The very nice Indonesian waitress at 168 Restaurant tried to discourage me from opting out of the plums as she claimed the drink wont be as tasty without the plums. The new drink came. It was still too salty. Maybe they add salt to the lime juice to contain the strong tangy taste, I suspect.

Chilled with plenty of ice cubes, it is a refreshing drink on a hot day with or without shin mui. In Malay restaurants the drink is known as asam boi with limau kasturi.

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