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Exodus Via Kukup.

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Kukup Immigration and Ferry Terminal

Exodus Via Kukup.

I saw an article in the NST today that Kukup Ferry Terminal was gridlocked as 12,000 Indonesians head home for holidays. I knew I have a pic of the Immigration and ferry terminal archived somewhere. Am happy I found the folder effortlessly. It was taken on 19th June 2010 with my Olympus EPL-1. Remember this place, Emily Lowe?


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Muar is, so far, is the top city in terms of domestic bookings at MyCen Hotels. The royal town of Johor is cozy, charming and has plenty of great food. Muar now has at least 3 new boutique hotels and many other hotels and homestay places. Find one here:


Chiselled Stone, A Yogi Gynecologist And A Dinosaur.

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Chiselled Stone, A Yogi Gynecologist And A Dinosaur

Batu Pahat is both a district and city in the state of Johor. It lies to the south of Muar, In its prosperous days in the past, the town was nicknamed “Little Paris of the East” as it was famous for its robust night life.

It is now more sedate but many hotels still exist. I called on local resident and my friend Dr Lowkp Pakar Sakit Puan, obstetrician and gynecologist (OB/GYN) at the New Putra Specialist Hospital in Batu Pahat to send me some pictures. https://www.facebook.com/obgy.lowkp on Fb.

Our Own Countryside at Janda Baik

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Our Own Countryside at Janda Baik

Our Own Countryside at Janda Baik.

As I looked at the rural landscape of Glastonbury, I started to miss our own rural landscape. At a village in Janda Baik, I saw a group of 'rain walkers' walking hurriedly with heavy rain from the mountains bearing down on them. They walked through rivers. orchards, fruit trees, flowers, rivers, goats, cattle and kampung houses. A beautiful landscape we take for granted.


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Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury is a town and civil parish in Somerset, England. It is also the site of the annual Glastonbury Festival, a five-day festival of music and performing arts.
While many attendees camp out on site, some may find it problematic at the last minute and require hotel accommodation.

Guns N' Rose Syrup

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Guns N' Rose Syrup

A shoutout to the many Malay law enforcement officers who perform breaking of fast (buka puasa) on the fly as duties call. They keep the traffic smooth, deter crime and assist tourists.

Sony Alpha a7R, ISO 800, f4, 1/250 sec.

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Rainbow Bagels Are Unicorn Poop?

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Rainbow bagels at Geylang Serai

Rainbow Bagels Are Unicorn Poop?

The rainbow bagel, which I first saw last year. at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar are back again this year, I heard.

Young and old were captivated by the psychedelic bread which originated in The Bagel Store in Brooklyn. Bagels are a bread product originating in the Jewish communities of Poland.

The rainbow versions became hipster Ramadan bazaar food in Singapore. It was made for the Instagram generation.