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A Feel Good Story.

Create: 07/14/2017 - 16:26
A Feel Good Story KLGH

Many government departments are making improvements quietly to improve customer service and more. Often and ironically, we do not see it until we compare it with private companies for which they were benchmarked against. Deteriorating quality is creeping up on privately owned telcos, banks, subscription TV and insurance companies, for example.

A Jakun Moment: A Look At Classy Solitary Confinement.

Create: 05/08/2017 - 00:24
A Jakun Moment: A Look At Classy Solitary Confinement.

I was inside the glass bubble lift of the exclusive Prince Court Medical Centre, a five or six star, private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. When I reached the ground floor, I thought I was at the KLIA airport foyer. The lobby is that sprawling. A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop and a MyNews.com magazine and convenience store complete the illusion of an airport. On a wall next to the visitors' seating area were all kinds of framed awards, recognition certs and citations hanging, leading me to believe I am at the lobby of an insecure advertising agency.