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The Real McCoy vs The Imitation

Create: 06/12/2017 - 18:07
The Real McCoy vs The Imitation

The Real McCoy vs The Imitation.

The plate of curry rice below is real as it was eaten and captured by Ipoh resident Vasan. A sign at the original shop in Ipoh claims it has no other branches; implying all others are fake or wannabes. And there are many in Klang Valley. Famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar from Penang suffer from piracy too.

The Melting Pot

Create: 05/30/2017 - 10:50
The Nasi Ganja Shop in Ipoh

The Melting Pot.

Yong Suan Chinese coffee shop in Ipoh is a true melting pot with okra and customers from various cultures thrown together. Ipoh resident, Vasanthi Mailany, shot this pic at my request. It is at the famous coffee shop in Ipoh with the Indian Muslim nasi kandar (rice) tenant, also known as Nasi Vanggey, or welcome or "come in" in Tamil, it seems. The curry rice and assorted dishes were reportedly so good and addictive, it gained the notorious name of "Nasi Ganja" .