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Hotels In Seremban

Create: 05/03/2017 - 09:46
Hotels In Seremban

When I was in Seremban, I drove around the suburb town of Taman AST where I saw so many pubs, bars and nightclubs. Seemed like the capital of debauchery in Seremban.

Similarly, Kuala Lumpur has the Jalan P Ramlee area where gullible white male tourists fall n love with transvestite night workers and send a text to his mother the next day. “Mom, I fell in love with the girl of my dreams and may marry her” One Brit did.

Julio Iglesias Could Be From Kuala Pilah!

Create: 03/17/2017 - 14:51
Julio Iglesias Could Be From Kuala Pilah!

If you are in Kuala Pilah and a suave Latin stranger asked you "Passar Di Mano?" Dont' panic as the Mat Salleh wasn't speaking loghat Nogori (Negeri Sembilan) dialect and wanting to know directions to the market. Tell him the famous cendol stall is outside the market. Anyway, I think he was singing in Italian it may have meant passing through Mano.

Saw this post on Instagram by Zet (@zeti__) and thought it was quite cute and humorous.

I shall ask my Italian friend Elle Effe (@ellecina) what it means and where is Mano. Mano isn't the name of an Indian actor either.

Burping All The Way To Timbaktu

Create: 10/09/2016 - 20:34
Ayer Oren Bodoh at Simpang Pertang

At the small town of Simpang Pertang in Negeri Sembilan. The junction town leads to either Titi or Simpang Durian. The latter is a small town that bears the last signs of civilization before a long, lonely drive to Karak in Pahang. The deserted road is rarely used unless Karak Highway is cut off by a major accident or landslide.

Pleasantly surprised to to find out I have a friend originating from the pit stop town of Simpang Durian. It is the frontier town before heading to remote Telemong or Malaysia's own Timbaktu.