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That Face You Make

Create: 02/04/2017 - 16:49
That Face You Make

While rummaging through the old photoa of Lap Chun from last year, I found some unpublished ones.

One of the monkeys who grabbed a balancing egg from me discovered raw egg is hard to swallow. The face one may make at the mamak when the "sentengah masak" (half-boiled) eggs are too raw.
The old world monkeys or macaques are mischievous and aggressive. Be careful around them as some may run off with your camera bag. This one eventually crouch forward and licked the spilled egg yolk clean.

Sony A7R, ISO 2500, f9, 1/250

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Lap Chun or Li Chun

Create: 02/04/2017 - 16:43
Balancing An Egg On Lap Chun

Every year the myth is propagated on Lap Chun or Li Chun. It is today for this year 2017. So expect to see many balanced eggs on social media today.

I tried it with the monkeys in Kuala Selangor during Year of the Monkey CNY last year. Not the best place to try. One of the curious monkeys grabbed an egg and ate it raw, It is a myth because you can balance an egg on any other day.

#lapchun #lichun #monkeys #egg