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Fat Cat Of The Village Grocer at the Leper Colony

Create: 06/02/2017 - 19:55
Fat Cat Of The Village Grocer at the Leper Colony

Colony In The Valley - Part 9.

After lunch, I went to get a stick of ice cream at a local grocery shop.

The kedai runcit was known as the provision shop to the English doctors and nurses during its heydays.

Today, it is the village grocer in the true sense of the word. A meeting point for villagers.

I call the lady grocer Leng Lui, like how her Chinese customers call her. Malay, Indian and Indonesian customers call her Ah Moi.

The lady declined to be photographed, so her fat cat will represent her.

A Little Known May 13 Story

Create: 05/13/2017 - 18:14
A Little Known May 13 Story

When I was doing my story (hash tagged #tvssblc) on the Leprosy colony in Sungai Buloh, I interviewed Abdul Rauf, a former inmate who has recovered after a long stay inside.

He now runs a successful nursery business selling plants and turf grass. Except for a few deformed and missing fingers, there is little clue he was a long time sufferer of the contagious and feared disease.