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Flag Vault
Feb 19, 2017

Flag Vault.

The Chingay part of the annual Johor Bahru parade is seldom photographed before sunset. By the time the temple procession and floats move into the city, it is usually way past...

Raise The Black Monopod
Feb 19, 2017

I was taken aback by the sheer number of monopods fighting with joss sticks for space at this temple procession. The new crowdscape of raised cameras is an inevitable sign of the times, I suppose...

Multi Faith And JB
Feb 19, 2017

Three years ago I caught the sending off or launch procession for the Chingay Festival from the temple in town to the prayer site off town. The JB Taoist procession passed near the very old...

Throwing Of Oranges
Feb 19, 2017

China didn't have Speed Dating organizers back in those days, I guess. I attended a Speed Dating event once. I wrote an article about my experience at the Speed Dating meet but forgotten where I...

Masjid Kampung Kling
Feb 10, 2017

This ancient mosque bears testament to the rich multi-cultural roots of Malacca. Its architecture design incorporates Chinese, Hindu, Indonesian and Malay elements. The minaret resembles a pagoda...