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Lok Ann Hotel. Chinatown
May 23, 2017

Son Of A Hotel Owner.

I had a childhood friend whose family operated a hotel with the grand sounding name of Hotel De Luxe.

When he went to London to study, his reputation as a hotel...

Cities and hotels with discounts
May 21, 2017

Sometimes when I try to promote my hotel booking site to a friend, and the friend will ask "can I get discounts?" That's a very typical Malaysian response. Not just about value but friends must...

1000 99
May 17, 2017

There was a recent news story entitled "Boy Who Was Stricken With Polio And Is Wheelchair-Bound, Now Owns 800 Minimart Outlets
Throughout Malaysia".

Link to article:...

A Little Known May 13 Story
May 13, 2017

When I was doing my story (hash tagged #tvssblc) on the Leprosy colony in Sungai Buloh, I interviewed Abdul Rauf, a former inmate who has recovered after a long stay inside.

He now runs a...

The Beach of Bagan Lalang
May 08, 2017

I've been looking at my sunset pics to feature more for the Beaches For Your Sunset Pics series. See sidebar for related links.I think Bagan Lalang can be the 4th beach to include. I know....