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Eat Shit
Aug 04, 2017

Eat Shit.

5 billion flies can't be wrong.

There must be a reason why we depend on Lithuanian and other foreign artists for our wall murals and street art. Local graffiti artists are...

Behind The Scenes At The Barber
Aug 02, 2017

Behind The Scenes At The Barber.

My friend Cy Leow said the barber didn't look very happy in the earlier post. I think the poor barber was overwhelmed by the presence of cameras and...

Linkin Park in KL
Jul 21, 2017

I am like a newspaper. When something major happens, I tell myself. Wait a minute, I have some pictures of Linkin Park somewhere. Problem is finding them from my blogs.

It was October 2003...

Our Own Etihad Towers in Putrajaya
Jul 19, 2017

Our Own Etihad Towers. I knew I have an image of 3 tall towers and it kept nudging my memory when I looked at the Jumeirah Hotel at Etihad...

A plain chick in Bidor
Jul 13, 2017

Photography Tip: Look for a plain chick with a entrance/exit cutout. Use it as a frame but it only works when there is a person behind. I think this was the proprietor of the medicine shop in...