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Food AT Imbi Plaza
Feb 19, 2017

We Became IT Savvy Through Imbi Plaza.

Went to Imbi Plaza today. It brought back so many memories. The once bustling place faded when Low Yat Plaza replaced it as the IT hub. Imbi Plaza had...

Curry Chee Chong Fun
Feb 19, 2017

Here we are at Low Yat Plaza to get an external hard disk.

Lunch is at my favourite Bee Connection where I can have my favourite Longan Honey drink and the little cafe's Curry Chee Cheong...

Hard Breakfast
Feb 19, 2017

I like my eggs 'tiga suku masak' (three quarter boiled).

They don't always get it right but this Chinese coffee shop in Johor Bahru did. Can't remember the location or place name. It was JB...

The Mamak Stall - Celebrating A Malaysian Institution
Feb 13, 2017

The roadside mamak stall is such a unique Malaysian institution. A convenience many take for granted until they migrated elsewhere. It can popped up under a tree and it is a great place to find...

Wanton Act
Feb 13, 2017

You can't please everybody. Someone asked me what the noodles and kelondong drink looked like. Good thing I turned around and 'stole' or 'curi' a shot from the neighbouring table before we ordered...