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Warung Mak Tim.as seen from outside
Mar 10, 2017

To the many people planning to go to Warong Mak Tim for the first time, after reading my posts, here is a view of Warong Mak Tim from outside, for you.

It may be best to look for the road...

Mee Bandung Muar from Mak Tim
Mar 10, 2017

The Muar Mee Bandung at Warong Mak Tim was so authentic, it brought back memories of eating it at famous Abu Bakar Hanipah's in 70 year old Wah Sun kopitiam in Muar town.

The jolly mamak...

Rose Syrup With Soda at Mak Tim
Mar 10, 2017

At Warong Mak Tim, I ordered a carbonised rose syrup (with soda) and shaved ice after finishing my first drink of Muar iced black coffee. The rose drink wasn't fizzy enough, so I ordered another...

Ais Jagung at Mak Tim
Mar 10, 2017

One of Mak Tim's signature drinks is this Ais Jagung or iced corn drink. According to Elizabeth Chong, who ordered the famous concoction created by Warong Mak Tim, the drink had corn, evaporated...

Laksa Johor
Mar 08, 2017

Here is another view of Johore Laksa as served on the table at Warong Mak Tim. That is before we cleared the garnishing and lifted the noodles to uncover it for photography. See earlier pic and...