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The Cardboard Camera Is Very Practical For A Beach Outing.
Jul 31, 2017

Someone asked me today about my favourite local beach. Not for swimming or water activities. For sunset photography.
Sunsets are almost always fabulous from the seaside. KL is landlocked. So...

Free range chickens in la ovely kampung house
Jul 11, 2017

I mentioned a pet peeve of mine on social media earlier. It is perplexing to see people posting landscape and travel pics without a description of its location or nary a caption. Not only is it a...

Cloned Fb Accounts
Jul 06, 2017

I always thought it it was viral paranoia by people who will share any internet warning.

Today, I received a fake add friend request from my friend Melinda Song who is already a friend....

Saying Goodbye To A Relic From Web 1.0. - Sitemeter
Jul 01, 2017

Today is a sad day for bloggers and webmasters, especially many from the era of Web 1.0 or from the year around 2000. Emily Lowe Shirl Leongk Simp Lee, Mazlan Abdul Malik,
Tengku Mohd Ali...

Double The Deals For You
Jun 14, 2017

Double The Deals For You.

Due to competition between the two principal and giant hotel booking aggregators, I can now display deals from both the competing giants which both are my partners...