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Need Your Advice
Feb 19, 2017

I have a non-functioning external WD hard disk. WD Elements or Passport USB type of 500G capacity. Went to a data recovery shop in Imbi Plaza. With just a cursory and dour faced examination, the...

Inside Imbi Plaza Today
Feb 19, 2017

There are many laptop repair shops, all manned by courteous Pakistani people.

It may look or feel no different from certain corridors in nearby Low Yat Plaza where many foreigners, who are...

Food AT Imbi Plaza
Feb 19, 2017

We Became IT Savvy Through Imbi Plaza.

Went to Imbi Plaza today. It brought back so many memories. The once bustling place faded when Low Yat Plaza replaced it as the IT hub. Imbi Plaza had...

he Book Begins Here - Your Input Needed
Feb 19, 2017

It is now an empty or blank page on my screen. Adobe InDesign CC is the current industry standard for book design and layout, and was recommended by Johnny Ong. It was formerly PageMaker, I think...

Honey Honey - A Look At Selective Focus Selection
Feb 07, 2017

Also an opportunity to discuss a little known post-production technique for photographers.

I was using a wide angle lens and too much background was in focus. What do I do? Many may not be...