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My Life Story
Feb 09, 2017

Two columns, actually; with another under Sharifah Intan as editor, also at The Star. They are two ladies I respect and admire greatly.

Happy to read about June's childhood bond with...

Bukit Hipster or Bukit Broga
Feb 05, 2017

Bukit Broga is as challenging as climbing a woman's breast in comparison to other hills. It was made barren by hipsters making obligatory weekend pilgrimages.

Malay hipsters climb up to do...

Die Mofo!
Feb 05, 2017

There is always one sick mofo who will wait until 3am or abouts. When everything quiets down and everyone is asleep in bed. He will sneak out and set off a fire cracker or exploding fireworks that...

Jan 01, 2017

Pronounced as File-loh, it was short for Filofax, it was a leather bound personal organiser with ring binders where you can add pages as refills. That was the business model. It was like the...

Pretty Picture With An Ugly Backstory
Jan 01, 2017

If you park in the mall basement, you are forced to return to the car park by walking through the very long vehicle tunnels after midnight. All human exits and access were closed due to the...