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A Feel Good Story KLGH
Jul 14, 2017

Many government departments are making improvements quietly to improve customer service and more. Often and ironically, we do not see it until we compare it with private companies for which they...

Singapore casinos
Jul 13, 2017

The word Jakun is used to described a country bumpkin or greenhorn who is amazed by seeing something new for the first time. The word somehow entered the vocabulary of both the Chinese and Malays...

Super Kinta Lives.
Jul 01, 2017

Super Kinta Lives.

Dear Ipohans, Emily Lowe, Vasanthi Mailany, Sylvia Looi, Alexandra Wong. Adriene Leong, Penny Teh and many I forgotten at the moment. Feel free to join the conversation...

Finding A Hotel In An Emergency
Jun 06, 2017

Finding A Hotel In An Emergency,

Some taxi hailing services were criticised for exploitative surge pricing following the London Bridge terror attack. I am curious as to how hotels in an...

A Heartwarming And Heartbreaking Moment
Jun 02, 2017

As I was at Sup Hussin the other day,and while waiting for the breaking of fast, I saw something heartwarming. I saw a mamak (Indian Muslim) employee or maybe the boss himself feeding homeless...