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Smoky Contry Road and open burning
Mar 09, 2017

I remember when menthol cigarettes were introduced in Malaysia, a curious urban legend soon emerged claiming menthol ciggies will cause softening of erections or a flaccid cock. There was no...

Book a hotel room via us
Feb 28, 2017

Since my hospitalization last year, I have been trying to develop a new revenue stream to be financially independent. Getting revenue from usual source is a struggle and that was why you saw me...

You are as ironic as scented toilet paper
Feb 20, 2017

You are as ironic as scented toilet paper! #compliment

My Life Story
Feb 09, 2017

Two columns, actually; with another under Sharifah Intan as editor, also at The Star. They are two ladies I respect and admire greatly.

Happy to read about June's childhood bond with...

Bukit Hipster or Bukit Broga
Feb 05, 2017

Bukit Broga is as challenging as climbing a woman's breast in comparison to other hills. It was made barren by hipsters making obligatory weekend pilgrimages.

Malay hipsters climb up to do...