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Hotels In KL - A List For All Seasons
Mar 26, 2017

In anticipation of Air Asia's inaugural flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, I am in the process of preparing the list of hotels in the various islands of Hawaii.

In doing so, I consulted a few...

Memories Of Macau
Mar 20, 2017

One of the most striking thing about Macau is the taxi driver don't talk in the journey from the airport and during other trips. Maybe it is just me but I hate chatty cabbies. When you arrive at a...

Memories Of Busy Hong Kong
Mar 19, 2017

Memories Of Busy Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, we went to a McDonald's because we had Malay media crew members from Bernama and NTV 7 with us. One of the guys wanted to eat fillet o fish which...

The Sun Sets Early At Victoria Harbour
Mar 19, 2017

The sun sets very early in Hong Kong during winter season. It was November when I was there. If I am not mistaken, it was only 6 pm local time. We were at Victoria Harbour and a Malaysian Star...

Missing Hong Kong Suddenly
Mar 19, 2017

Was looking for pics of my Hong Kong trip. Asked Samantha Tan of Bernama, who went with me. She lost all her pics too. It was 2007 and, amazingly, she is still with Bernama today.

At last,...